Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law encompasses the acquisition of land, contracting and the right of use of real estate. 

Gaastra attorneys have extensive experience on advising and litigating in:

  • the acquisition and disposal of immovable property, particulary in cases which concern (former) industrial and contaminated land
  • redevelopment projects (dealing with asbestos in buildings and in the ground)
  • asbestos remediation projects (drafting contracts and deeds for the demolition-redevelopment of company buildings-and installations)
  • various rights of use on real estate e.g. ownership, lease, ground lease and rights of superficies

Most cases concerned industrial or contaminated real estate. This demands specific knowledge of the responsibilities and liabilities with regard to contaminated real estate.

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In the transfer of industrial/company real estate, soil pollution often plays an important role. In almost every transaction, the question arises whether the land is contaminated and how to deal with this in a contractual manner. Gaastra attorneys  regularly cooperate with law firms and civil law notaries who are specialised in real estate transactions.


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