The founder of the firm has worked for years for an American (chemical) company and knows all the aspects of the business operations which are relevant for the control of the legal risks in the area of health & safety and the environment.

The firm has many clients in the industrial sector; manufacturing compamies and service industries of a diverse kind. We assist businesses in the following sub-sectors:

  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceuticals industry
  • aviation industry
  • construction of equipment
  • food industry
  • storage and transport companies
  • tank storage companies
  • building materials production companies
  • engineering firms
  • commercial/trading companies
  • hospitality and leisure companies
  • energy companies
  • branch associations

Many of the clients of Gaastra attorneys at law are listed companies.

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Intensified Supervision

Industry, the chemical industry in particular, is subject to strict and complex legislation and regulations such as the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (‘REACH’) and the Major Accidents Hazards Decree (‘BRZO’). As a consequence of a number of incidents, supervision of the compliance with this legislation and regulations has intensified. It is thus important to ascertain whether the facility and the working procedure of the enterprise comply with the statutory requirements.


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