General Administrative Law

General Administrative Law is the legal framework for all the roles of government. Gaastra attorneys at law not only knows this law, it also knows how it works. Important focuses of attention are:

  • obtaining and keeping Acknowledgements 'Erkenningen' for  the benefit of Public Broadcasting Companies/Waste collectors/Soil remediation experts)
  • compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts (nadeelcompensatie)
  • subsidies for infrastructural projects, for research and development works, European incentive programmes and specific governmental incentive policies
  • permits
  • assisting companies in the application and granting of permits and revoking thereof under the Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act (Bibob)
  • advising the local governments in the application of the Bibob Act


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The government exerts influence on almost all aspects of society; it lays down rules and regulations and executes them. The government is the administrator of many public facilities and acts as an investor, project developer as well as a supervisor and enforcer.

Gaastra attorneys at law advises on and litigates over matters arising between the business community and the (local) government. Due to the volume of assistance Gaastra advocaten provides to both businesses and local governments, its lawyers are well familiar with reciprocal interests that can come into play, and has the in-depth knowledge of how the local government works.


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