Environmental Law

Environmental Law is the most comprehensive area of law in the Netherlands legal practice. This area of law contains, amongst other, rules for:

  • the management and recycling of waste substances
  • the transport of waste substances abroad
  • the permit obligations for facilities
  • soil protection and remediation
  • the storage and transport of hazardous substances
  • the management of the water quality and water quantity
  • the trading of emission rights
  • subsidies for sustainable energy

Gaastra attorneys at law advises and litigates on all these subjects. The practice of Gaastra attorneys at law focuses strongly on the administrative and criminal enforcement of Environmental Law.

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For your information

Gaastra attorneys drafts services and/or  joint venture agreements for certain risky activities (demolition of a plant, removal of asbestos, soil remediation projects). Also experienced in drafting environmental guarantees/warranties, deeds of settlement and non disclosure agreements.


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