Administrative Law on Spatial Planning

Administrative Law on Spatial Planning regulates the way in which space is developed geographically in the Netherlands and how one builds. It concerns the determination of spatial policy and spatial plans, and what must be assessed in case of obtaining a permit  to construct a building, or to establish an industrial or other type of facility.

The specialists at Gaastra attorneys know how to navigate their way through this maze of extensive and complex law and can assist businesses:

  • to realize plans for buildings and the extension thereof for private parties and local governments
  • to assess zoning plans
  • to integrate complex spatial projects
  • with the legislative and permit aspects of protected buildings (Monumenten)
  • in procedures regarding damages and compensation for loss resulting from Administrative Acts (nadeelcompensatie)

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Spatial Planning Law has been subject to important changes, many of these changes are related to the legal protection against spatial planning and permits to build.


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